Christmas Knitting Update


This post just may not interest everyone, I’m sorry, but here’s the Christmas knitting update:

finish one Minion monster;  knit one more Minion;
sew in ends on crazy striped socks;
finish ends on purple mittens;
one big hairy monster;
one more cotton spa cloth;
one pair green and purple striped socks in alpaca (you probably don’t even have to ask!);
one pair red socks.

This list is totally do-able, even though I’m sneaking in a scarf for myself.  I can completely justify this, as I haven’t got anything that goes with my new winter coat.  Entrelac in Noro Silk Garden #341, for the knitting geeks among us.  I’m almost through the first ball, and it looks sooooo nice…

So, it’s not so bad!  And you know, if it really ~was~ a terrible burden, the knitting, I wouldn’t be doing it.  I secretly kinda like knitting…shh…


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