The Myth of the "Happy Ending"


We are all conditioned to believe in a “happy ending”.

Hollywood movies.  Fairy tales (with some notably gruesome exceptions).  Religion.

It’s supposed to End Well.  Heroes are rewarded, villains are vanquished, the meek inherit the earth and
Someday My Prince Will Come.

But IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.  Karma is slow coming around, sometimes not in this lifetime, so we need to believe in the next.  We need to believe, to have hope, or there’s really no point to it all.  So we have invented the myth of the Happy Ending. 

What we need to do instead, I think, is believe in the Happy Now.  We need to realize that every boring, pedestrian moment is a miracle, that just being conscious and present and full of awe and wonder is a huge bloody miracle in itself.

I need to pause briefly, apparently Grace needs some lovin’.  I can’t type when she’s holding down my hand and licking me.

See, this blog started out with a bitter thought that’s been running through my head all day, “where’s my damn happy ending?”   It’s Now.  And Now.  And NOW.


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  1. I'm toadally with you, my friend.Be here now. Now is what we know for sure. Smart to be all over it. I love those boring pedestrian moments. Drama, not so much.A cup of tea, a pencil that's just the right amount of sharp, pretty yarn, a good book, a sincere thank you, a good laugh, catching the new subway train (did it again tonight!) – these things are what it's all about.

  2. A few years ago, pre Mr. M, I figured out that Walt Disney lied to us. I would very much like to sue the man. I hope to be able to teach to my young niece, as I have no children, is that sometimes it is not fair, and you don't get the prize, but as long as I can be happy, then I guess i won't actively look for death. 🙂

  3. I think this is especially true for women! We're fed this someday-my-prince-will-come crap so much that we waste all our time mooning around until he does, and if he doesn't, we're left without skills or personality. Hey, if he shows up – great. If he doesn't – you'd better have found something interesting to do with your life!

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