In Just Seven Days…


So, I’m starting to think again, what do I want in a potential partner?  I don’t think I’m ready yet to put myself out there and start looking seriously, I KNOW I’m not actually, but I’m just toying with the idea of The Man for Me. 

I went lurking around on Plenty of Fish – yes, I know it’s a bad idea! It’s a terrible idea! I saw very little that interested me.  Lots of headers saying “been burned before”, “looking for an honest woman”, “no head games”.  To me, that just SCREAMS “WARNING!  WARNING!  BITTERNESS INSIDE!”  Creepy, creepy. 

Also notice that there seem to be lots of men who think baseball hats are eye-catching.  Newsflash, dudes.  They’re not. 

Interests:  Hunting.  Fishing.  Sports.  Backyard mechanics.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  

So – what do I want?  Well, what’s important, really?  Probably someone who reads a lot, and has plenty of questions.  Someone connected to the universe.  Someone who laughs a lot, but not at anyone else’s expense, who laughs just at the absurdity of things.  A contemporary – not too much older, or younger than me.  Someone who knows how to express himself. 

I’m not impressed at how far you can run, or how much you can bench-press.  That’s just not that important to me.  I don’t really care how much money you make, but what you have chosen to do for a living is important to me.  Someone who assists people or creates things interests me far more than someone who sells things.

I’m not sure if education is important to me or not.  I think I’m maybe a bit of a snob on that front, although I don’t like to admit it.  Certainly it’s not a deal-breaker, there’s all kinds of intelligence.

I get hung up a bit on height, mostly because I’m self-conscious about my own height.  I like tall men.  There.  I said it. Men are allowed to have preferences about women’s bodies, so I think I’m entitled. I feel funny around short people.  I know there’s lots of wonderful short people out there, but I’m pretty sure they’re not for me.  I feel like I have to be careful not to trip on them.  They’re hard to see, difficult to find in a crowd.

Mostly, I think someone who appreciates me, and someone I can respect.  Someone I actually like.  I’m bringing a lot to the table, here, I’d rather be fussy and alone than undervalued and unappreciated.

Is that a lot to ask?  Maybe it is.  Anyway, I’m just window shopping at this point, kicking some tires.  I’m not ready, and I know it.  Maybe I’ll never be ready.

Maybe I’ll just build me one down in the lab!

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  1. My guess is that it's unlikely you'd be asking for too much Lynne. But if you are like most folks, it IS hard to ask for what you really want and need. Whatever you ask for is exactly what you are going to get so… think big (no pun intended) and ask away! And feel free to ask me for onlne dating info: I've had practice.Monica

  2. See, I'm a little jaded. Eleven years ago I was completely convinced that I had found the one-and-only, madly in love, perfect man for me. Except he wasn't. I'd love advice on that topic! Are you going to Cathy's next stitch night?

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