Bad Words


I think we all know by now that I swear like a sailor.  I’m an educated, intelligent, refined, scholarly lady who says FUCK a lot.   I have been this way for many, many years.  I am unlikely to change this behaviour at this point in my life.

I’m getting a little tired of being chastised for this, frankly.  I had a perfectly reasonable conversation with Cathy and Petra about this (and this is NOT directed at you guys, we’re all cool wid dat).  It’s a habit.  Habits are hard to break.  Don’t start.  You can’t say these words until you’re old enough to drive.  Etc.

But, yes, those are “swears”.  Yes, I am a “potty mouth”.  Do you know how stupid you, as an adult, sound saying “potty mouth”?  So, here’s a boring tirade in which I justify my swearing.

There are words I think are “bad” words.  I don’t use these words.  MY list of “bad” words includes, but is not limited to:  retard, spaz, hate, fag*ot and ni*ger (I find that last one a million times  harder to type than fuck).  Those are bad words.  Those are words that cause pain and suffering.  I don’t use those words.  Also, there are words I think are “bad” in certain contexts.  “My awesome, charming, beautiful son is gay.”  Good.  “That movie was so gay”.  Not good.

I have a very buttoned-down job.  I deal with the public all day, every day.  I am frequently sworn AT and subjected to racism, homophobia, sexism and any other -ism you can imagine.  I do not, and cannot, comment on the inappropriateness of any of this. I hold myself to a fairly high standard of conduct in the workplace.  I do not swear, not at work.  I use neither traditionally “bad” words, nor my owned self-imposed list of “bad” words.  Professional Me is quite a different bird from the Me you probably know.  I bite my tongue so much it’s lumps all over.

I have an extensive vocabulary, thank you very much.  I just happen to like the word “fuck”.  It’s a good, all-purpose swear and harms no one.

I try to curb my language in front of children, but I’m not often successful.  I make no apologies whatsoever for this. I’d be happy to discuss the issue of “good” and “bad” words with them, if you’d like.  Your children will never learn racism, sexism, homophobia or hatred from me.

But, they will eventually hear the word “fuck”.  And newsflash – it probably won’t be their first time, nor their last.


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  1. I couldn't agree more. It's a pretty benign swear word. I too can think of many far more vile words. Incidentally Fuck was the first swear word both of my kids used, and both learned it from me. My daughter when she was 18 mths old and dropped something on her foot that hurt. Deco at age 3 when he discovered we had left a watermelon, his favourite food! uneaten at Auntie's house. While not proud parenting moments, I admit to being a bit satisfied that they'd each used the word in an appropriate context. :-)Yep, I surrendered all hope for the mother of the year award long ago anyway.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the real "bad" words…still don't want my kids getting in shit at school for swearing too fucking much. 🙂 BTW anything you're exposing the kids to when you visit here isn't anything they probably haven't heard out of my mouth at one point of stress or another…

  3. Oh, as I said Tim, this wasn't directed at you guys! I know you get it. That's Auntie Lynne's word…but we're not supposed to say it! I totally get it. As I said, I try, lord knows I try, but it comes out anyway.

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