Why Can’t Lynnie Read?


I can’t read lately, and I don’t know why.  Last time I went through a bout like this, it was because I needed reading glasses really badly and didn’t know it.  This time – I just don’t know. 

I have the attention span of a gnat right now.  I have started and discarded Kiss of the Spider Woman, Blindness, A Monk Swimming, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter and Think on These Things.  I’m trying A History of Their Own – Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present, but I expect I’ll discard that too. 

Either a) all of these books are just no good, which seems unlikely, or b) there’s something wrong with me.  I have always been a voracious reader, and this is a very big deal for me.  I don’t get it.  Is the internet sucking out my BRAIN?  Can I no longer process information that’s longer than 140 characters?  WTF?  LOL?  ROFLMAO?

I think I’m doomed to a life of LOLcats and Facebook.  My brain, of which I have always been so proud and so fond, is cybermush.  RIP, Lynne’s Brain.  We hardly knew ye.

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  1. My two cents: Take a week off from Facebook. It's one of the best ways to get your brain to rest enough to recharge your attention span. Then read "A Serious Widow" by Constance Beresford Howe. Note: the title is a joke. And for some reason, I thought of you and how much you'd like the story the whole time I read it. I can't lend it to you – at least not yet; my mom has it.Facebook every day makes me depressed; I'm on the computer most of the day, then I get caught in that web at night, and it makes me feel like shit; I end up ignoring Charlie, I get nothign done, my neck hurts and I have great difficulty focussing my brain. It's good for your eyeballs to not look at the screen so much; I promise.

  2. Reading is an act of leisure that requires concentration. I I'm stressed, I can't concentrate on reading, because my mind is somewhere else and I can't concentrate. Rather than taking a FB break, during which time I will miss you, try reading smut. It doesn't require concentration, and it works to get me back to reading when I've suffered from not being able to.

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