What If


Had a case of the “what if’s” last night.

Ever wonder what your life would have been like if you had made different choices at pivotal moments?  If you hadn’t said that stupid thing that pissed off that person?  If you had gone out with that person, or not gone out with them?  If you’d chosen practical over fun?  Gone to a different school, or chosen a different career path?

I often wish I had a five year forecast crystal ball, into which I could plug different variables, to check the potential outcomes.  That would be my superpower, if I had a superpower.  Well, I do have a superpower, but my therapist says I shouldn’t talk about it.

But, as people so like to say today “it is what it is” (what it is is a meaningless tautology, but never mind that right now.  I’ll blog about  stupid turns of phrase another time).  Things play out as they will, we don’t get do-overs.  The moment of choice passes, and we then have to deal with the consequences and stand by the choices we made.

Is it all predestined, or do we actually have choice at all?  Sometimes when I’m driving somewhere, I’ll come to a point in the drive where the route diverges, and I have a choice to turn or not to turn, and I don’t even know whether I will or not until the very last second.  It fascinates me so to watch my mind zip back and forth between the options.

So – what if Spiderman became trapped in the DC Universe?  What then, poppets, what then?

Namaste.  Excelsior.  Whatever,  I can’t decide.

What? What?

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