The Hammer and Why I Love It


I’m in Hamilton at my brother’s, and have had a damn near perfect day after last night’s very fun, clever and energetic Stitchapalooza night.

Slept in till about 8:30.  Came downstairs, made coffee.  Drank coffee, watched cartoons with the kids and knit.  Got dressed.  Petra and I went around the corner to Zarky’s and got a dozen chocolate croissants.  They were right out of the oven, we got to watch the baker drizzle them with chocolate and sprinkle them with icing sugar.  12 beautiful sexy croissants we got, and change from a ten dollar bill.

Went home.  Ate croissants, watched more cartoons, drank more coffee.  Phillip and I wrote and illustrated books.  Mine is called “Mister Story”, and Phillip’s is “Captain Spippel 3” (although I’m not sure what happened to Captain Spippel 1 and 2).  They are brilliant and sure to be on the New York Times bestseller list quite soon.  Then we wrassled a bit until Phillip nearly put an eye out on my underwire.  I conquered him with my adamantium belt buckle, though.

I drank coffee and knit with my sister-in-law, the very lovely Cathy, then we had lunch of mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, and a veggie tray with veggies from their own gardens. 

When Tim got home from his meetings, Cathy and I went to the yarn store in Ancaster and fondled and purchased yarn.  Then we came home, and I taught the kids that game where you draw a head, fold your paper and pass it along, draw a body, fold your paper and pass it along, and then draw legs.  When the paper is unfolded, you get a silly crazy creature.  Simon seemed to particularly enjoy it.

I had a glass of wine, and then the kids had some quiet time watching Scooby Doo Laff-A-Lympics while I had a little nap.

My bro made beautiful schnitzel for dinner, and then we all played Blockus until it was time for the littluns to go to bed.  Cathy’s up there now, tucking people in.  Tim’s watching a movie.  I’m blogging.  Tomorrow I’m going to church.

Life is pretty good, really.


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