Last Post


Last post for August, also makes me think of the Last Post bugle call they play at military funerals.  Today marks 11 years since my mum’s death.  It was a horrible day.  Honestly, I think about her at least once a day, still.  My kids, now 19 and 17, missed a lot of good years with her.

I have very intense and somewhat mixed feelings about my mother’s death.  Sadness, guilt, anger.  Mostly I just miss her.  I regret that my kids didn’t have a chance to know her better.  I grieve for my dad, who’s been alone ever since.  I don’t think he’s gotten over it yet, and I truly doubt he ever will.

She hadn’t felt well for a long time.  Ovarian cancer is a silent killer.  Treatment has a high success rate if it’s caught early, but it doesn’t show up on regular pap smears.

So what have we learned?

If you’re sick, please see a doctor.  Please? 

What? What?

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