Mummy, There’s Giants In That Cottage


Why is it so much work to go on holiday?

I know that this is far from being an original thought.  I also know that it could be worse, I could be going camping, and that the further you get from civilization, the more carefully you have to plan.

I’m going to Buckhorn, Catchacoma Lake, to catch a small coma in an adorable little lakefront cabin.  Although it’s not the end of the earth, it’s certainly right next door to it.  This involves:  cleaning and vacuuming the house, doing laundry, making sure the cats have food, water and clean litter, banking, transferring money and paying bills, grocery shopping and packing.  I have to make sure I have the directions, and phone numbers, and all that nonsense.

I have big plans.  Books to read, blankets to knit.  I have to make sure I keep on track with the fitness stuff, too, so I’m bringing my little stairstepper.  I figure, though, that paddleboating should be just as good as a bike, no?  And a little tiny glass of white wine?  Maybe a spritzer?

Connor, sadly, can’t join us, but the good news is, it’s because he landed a job.  Elliot and I will be The Giant People In The Tiny Cottage.  We will swim and lay about and have lovely times.

Apparently there is interwebz there, but I don’t know if it’s real internet or country internet.  I just hope my cel phone works.

And if I hear banjos, all bets are off.


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