Stuff I Learned Today


Here’s some stuff I learned today:

Although I love all the colours, I think I love garnet red and camel the best.

I do not like catfish.

Roddy McDowell starred in a whole bunch of Planet of the Apes movies, but not always as the same character.

There’s some weird religious movement in the US called Exodus that wants to make gay people straight.  One of the founding members quit and apologized to everyone.

Pillow forms cost more than I thought.

I really do hope I fall in love again one day.  I wasn’t sure for a while there.  I’m not ready right now, but I will be again one day.  I don’t know if I can love with the same open abandon I did before, but I think I can explore new ways. Who knows?

I think that’s enough education for one day.

Oh, yeah, PS I changed the fish.  There’s still seven, but one of them is black, on a black background.  You can see him pass through the others like a ghost sometimes…  Ooooooo….


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