When I Grow Up


I said I don’t want to be a bore about this weight-loss, business, but I have to say – I’ve been quite successful.  Since my visit to the surgeon, I’ve lost 12 pounds just by modifying my diet and not eating like a four year old.

I went for a consultation with a personal trainer at my gym today, to try and come up with a do-able plan. 

AND NOW I KNOW why Madonna has a personal trainer and I don’t.  The trainer recommended three sessions a week.  My timeframe is to lose the weight by next May.  Sessions are $52 each.  It works out to over seven thousand dollars. 

Yes, I understand it’s an investment in my health.  Yes, I understand that without my health I have nothing.  I just think there has to be a better way.  I just don’t have that kind of money, not without incurring some major debt.  I’m working to get OUT of debt, not to create more of it.  I think personal trainers are for the wealthy, not for middle-aged, single parenting civil servants.  

I’ve booked three sessions with her to come up with a plan I can live with.  She was very nice about it; she says she’ll help me as much as she can in the time we have, and recommend some resources for me.  But I just can’t do that kind of a financial commitment.

So, I have to just buckle down and be an adult about it.  I need to stay focused and maintain discipline, without sucking all the joy out of my life.  I need, I think, to find other ways to reward myself, and other ways to cope with stress, without turning back to cigarettes (PS, I miss you, cigarettes…).

Here’s to the start of trying to act like a grownup. It hasn’t worked so far.  Jeez, I hope I turn out pretty when I grow up!


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  1. My friend, you are already VERY grown up. For goodness sakes, Junie B., you'll always be fun!I feel like a six-year old when I'm out riding my bike, wearing my play clothes. You'll find something! Maybe a sand box in the backyard. It's fun to make mud pies and get dirty.

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