Mister X, Houseguest of the Day


Well, tonight’s exciting adventure – I found a kitten hiding in my garden.  I put out some food and water for him, but he wouldn’t come out.  At first I thought I’d leave him there for a bit, but he’s not super bright – he doesn’t seem to realize that hiding involves a) not being seen and b) not being heard.  He’s got a pretty big sad, and was mewing up a storm.

We live right on the edge of Jackson Park, which is huge and has coyotes.  I often hear them at night.  A kitten would be a pretty tasty treat.

So, Elliot finallly got him.  He’s staying in my spare room at the moment, with a really cute little homemade litter box, and some food and water and cuddly old towels.  We can’t keep him, our cats are too old and cranky, and a new kitten would not last too long, I think.  Plus, our shots aren’t up to date. 

He’s super cute (though he may be a girl, we’re not sure).  He’s black and white.  So, if you want a kitten, give me a buzz!  If we can’t place him, we’re going to take him out to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society, which is a no-kill shelter, probably on Saturday.  We’re just calling him Mr. X for now, because we don’t want to get attached to him.

Whoops.  Too late…

Somebody nice PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ take this kitten!

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  1. MOAR KITTEH NOOZ: He's decided not to take the position as a small-rodent specialist, and has in fact gone to live with my brother Rick at the Home for Wayward Kittehs. That's better, probly.

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