Back to Normal, Whatever That Is


So, holidays are over, back to work.  As usual, the night before going back to work, I slept almost not-at-all.  I don’t understand this, as it’s not all that stressful, but I can pretty much count on being up all night.  It’s weird.  The oppressive heat isn’t much use, either. 

I did a lot of knitting on the holidays, finished lots of projects that have been sitting for too long, and completed a couple of new ones.  All except my old arch-nemesis, the Red Sweater. Distantly related to the Red Baron, the Red Sweater has been on the needles for, oh, maybe five years now.  I’m bored to tears with it, and not happy with it at all.  But it’s so nearly done, I hate to take it apart.  On the other hand, I will NEVER be happy with it the way it is.  I need to bite the bullet on this one, I think, and declare it a failed project.  It’s very nice yarn, I’m sure I can find something better to do with it. 

Very happy to have Hugo the Monster on his way to young Carter in Toronto.  It was lovely to meet him (Carter, that is, not Hugo) and I know he’s the kind of guy who will enjoy a monster. 

I also have finally cast on “Saroyan”, after being super-intimidated by it because it has a lace border.  Well, it’s not that hard, and is coming along nicely.  I don’t know why I’m so scared of lace, it’s just Following Directions like everything else.  Anyway, I tried a couple of different yarns that I wasn’t happy with, and finally settled on a very muted dark violet/fuschia plied handspun, and it’s quite pleasing.  If it turns out well, I may make another for Leesa out of the Red Baron.  I think she’d like it.  She reads this blog, so I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Not so pleasing was the sockweight shawlette with the feather and fan border, designed to use three skeins of handspun in mulberry, mauve and hot pink.  It came out looking a bit like an old-lady afghan, and yet…there’s something appealing about it, in an old-fashioned kind of way.

Also on the holiday front, I visited Tim and Cathy and the kids for a couple of days, which was lovely as always.  It’s always a pleasure to visit, I always feel so nice and cozy and welcome there.  There was yarn and whisky and children and food, all things that I enjoy very much indeed.  The Zombie Monkey was well-received, but now of course I need to make two more zombie critters.  Ah well.  They won’t be as detailed as the monkey, and will be done on MUCH bigger needles, believe me!  I’d like to be able to SEE them next time I see them.  On the other hand, I always wanted a dog…

I am coming along very nicely, thank you.  A little awkward in my new-found, self-imposed alone-ness, but happy with it just the same.  It’s not really that different, honestly.  Except now I have no one to please but me. I’m firm (but fair) with me, we’re pleased with it so far.  Have been to one counseling session, and according to her, I’m doing all the right things.  She is the same counselor who saw me through my last crisis, so she has copious notes on the subject of Me.  She is an eminently qualified Lynne-ologist.  Still, she wants me to come for a few more sessions just to keep an eye out, because of my history.  Fair enough, I say. 

On the downside, I finally saw the doctor on the holidays. Hip and knee stiffness confirmed as arthritis (no surprise there).  Other issue turns out to be a ginormous post-surgical hernia, according to the radiologist, which will likely require more surgery.  Fuck.  That’s what I say.  Oh, well, more time for knitting, right?  šŸ™‚


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  1. Leesa would love that shawlette made out of the Red Baron. Then Leesa might borrow the book that the Red Baron pattern is in, and start her own five year project!And, Leesa is incredibly proud of Lynne as she moves forward …..

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