Lynne’s Addiction


I have a few knitting projects on the go that I want to finish over my holidays:  

  • The Zombie Monkey – must finish before going to Tim and Cathy’s – for Young Simon – cuz he neeeeeeds one.
  • The brown alpaca cowl – started as a vehicle to use some of my fantastical buttons.  
  • The green/blue/brown log cabin blanket – I’m on square 12 of 12 – then, the darning in of ends and sewing together of squares – hmmm…..Leesa said she likes darning in ends – hint, hint?
  • The never-ending red wrap sweater.  This will never be finished, I don’t know who I’m kidding.

 But there’s new projects I want to get on to as well!

  • A special monster for friend Carter – I have some great red Manos Del Uruguay that is dying to be a monster, and many fascinating monsters to choose from! 
  • A pink/purple shawl in handspun merino/silk blend sockweights.
  • A sideways scarf from blanket scraps.
  • A Very Chunky Cowl in the heavy blue and white weird stuff I got in a job lot – also, will use some of my fabulous buttons on this bad boy!
  • A pair of camel socks.  You didn’t even know camels wore socks, did you?
  • A sari silk project bag from the pattern I got years ago from Just One More Row.

I also have various other little shawly/scarfy things in random lovely homespuns from my ever-growing collection in mind.

So many projects, so little time…I love casting on new projects – sewing up ends and finishing up, not so much. 

I have some lovely yarns that don’t know what they want to be yet, too.

  •  Two skeins in shades of purple of a wool/silk blend from a job lot.
  • MILES of a dark green/teal/brown mohair.  I knit one shawl from it already, probably enough for three more!  Or?  What?  Ideas?
  • A skein of bright yellow/peach/coral mohair that I no longer love.  There’s lots of it, though…it’s been in the what-was-I-thinking category for a long time now.
  • And finally, a skein of lace-weight tencel, handpainted in purple/grey/tan/teal.

I realize that this is more of an inventory than a blog entry, and as such, probably really interests no one but me, and possibly Simon and Carter.  At least this way I have a list somewhere – and you know how I love lists.

I just realized there’s one more project I neglected to mention – the sock yarn blanket in multicoloured mitred squares.  However, that’s for my bed at Shady Acres, when I retire, so the timeline on that one is somewhat fluid.

So much knitting – so little time.


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  1. Update: blanket – done. Cowl – done. Zombie monkey – done. Very Chunky Cowl – done, but I may rip it out – it's way too thick and rigid – we were comparing it to neck braces and/or those rings Paduang women extend their necks with. I don't think it's a winner. The monkey, on the other hand, is a definite winner.

  2. We can also cross off 'monster' and 'sideways scarf'. Also, have started the pink/purple shawl, and *gasp* gave away the tropical fruit mohair. I've had it for years. It needed to leave…

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