Old People


I love my old friends.  They know why I am the way I am, and are never shocked or surprised by anything I say or do.  I had a good talk with CG on the phone this evening – we’re planning a road trip full of drinkin’ and knittin’, and possibly a coffee table book about the experience.  What wine goes with laceweight alpaca?  It’s all about the pairings, baby.  We will drive about the province discovering wineries and wooleries, and throw rocks at boys along the way.

I love my new friends too.  Although they are somewhat more flappable, they haven’t heard my stories a hundred times before.

I figure by the time my old friends and I get REALLY old, they’ll have forgotten them and we’ll be like new friends all over again, right?  At that point, CG and I have a Thelma and Louise ending tentatively planned, providing at least one of us can still drive.


What? What?

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