More Spinning Thoughts


So, I’m at friend Sharon’s this morning, in Lindsay.  There was a darts tournament for all the courthouse folks last night, and I stayed over so I could drink some beers.  It was funsies, and we were not the most disgraceful team there, although we did not make the finals. However, I’m up and it’s too early to go to the courthouse, so – here we are, on my blog.  Sharon set the coffeemaker up for me so all I had to do was push a button and the brown just squirted right out.  Yay.  Trying to figure out other people’s coffeemakers when you’re a little bleary is toooooo hard.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking about this morning, for some weird reason.  Because I enjoy my spinning as a hobby, often people ask me “Do you belong to a Guild?” or “Are you going to the Spinner’s Frolic? (gag)” or “Have you ever thought about teaching spinning/taking a course/holding a workshop?”

No, and no.

Here’s the thing.  I taught myself, with a little help from books on the subject.  People, I don’t even know if I do it right.  I get yarn out the other end, so I figure probably yes.  After years of practice, I can control thickness well, and I get a nice uniform product.  I can make thick yarn, thin yarn, plied yarns – whatever.  I know what types of fibres I like to work with, and which ones I don’t.

Most importantly – I enjoy it.  I like the process, I like the feeling, I like the results I get.  And I like to knit, so it’s a plus, really.  I get yarns that are unique in all the world, because I made them.

Now – I ‘m going to address these questions. 

1. How can I teach you to do it when I don’t even know if I’m doing it right?  I don’t have the terminology to explain what I’m doing, and I think about 80% of the process is intuitive.  I learned by feel.  I’ve been doing it a long time, so I’m pretty good at it.  Teach yourself, it’s fun.  Learn some history.  Google “Gandhi – spinning”.  It’s meditative and soothing.  I’ll show you if you want, but don’t call it teaching.  You’re not going to come out the end with any letters after your name.

2. I would never go to anything called a “Frolic”.  I don’t frolic.  It completely goes against my curmudgeonly principles.  It wrankles me, and I dislike being wrankled.

3. In my experience, people who belong to Guilds are Snotty.  They’re not there to share the knowledge, or preserve history, or encourage new people.  They want to feel exclusive.  That’s all.  Like they’re freakin’ Masons or something.  Newsflash, people.  The Renaissance happened.  Medieval Times is a cheesy dinner theatre.  You just like saying “I belong to a Guild”.  Face it. 

4. If I take a course, someone’s going to tell me I’m doing it wrong.  That would essentially suck all the joy out of one of my favourite things.  I would forever after be self-conscious about it.  I would actually KNOW that I’m doin’ it wrong.

Listen, people have been spinning fibres for centuries.  It’s not rocket science.  It used to be an elderly person’s job, when they were not able to do anything else.  It was essentially a vital function of every household, so people would have some freakin’ clothes to wear.  It’s not a secret, magical thing.  You’re not a Master Craftsman.  Get over it.  Enjoy it.

I just want to sit around and blend and pull and spin and be happy.  Be one with the woolies!



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  1. I feel that way about sewing. I don't want to teach it, be paid for it or take classes. I just want to enjoy it. Also: I love the fact that you know yourself so well–it's refreshing and funny! Kim J.

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