Morgan Freeman, Yer Blowin’ My MIND!


So, I’m sitting around watching TV, minding my own damn business knitting a blanket, mind you, when dang ol’ Morgan Freeman comes on the screen to promote a science special.

According to Morgan Freeman, who has such an authoritative voice that you can’t possibly NOT believe him, scientists are postulating that the Universe is not, in fact, infinite, but is finite.

So, this is blowing my mind.  If the Universe has boundaries, then – what’s beyond THAT?  Nothing?  A bigger Container-Universe?  Are we Whos down in Who-Ville?  The end of “It-Is” has to be – It’s NOT. 
And where does it end?  How does it end?  Are there any warning signs, or barriers?  What’s containing it?

My mind is blown.  Thanks Morgan Freeman.  Also, thanks for having too much texture in your face.  Never watch a Morgan Freeman movie from anywhere in the first five rows at the cinema.  The combination of giant pores, freckles and wrinkles will blow your mind…


What? What?

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