A Cautionary Tale


I’m going to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there was a girl.  She went to school like all the other girls.  She played, and sang, and wrote stories and did all the things children do. 

When she went to highschool, she met a boy.  She wanted that boy.  She loved that boy.  She went out with that boy a few times.  But the boy didn’t love her, and they didn’t go out any more.  They were friends for many years, but after school ended, they moved to different towns.  They met other people.  They forgot about each other.

The girl met another boy.  Well, a man actually.  The man was a lot older than the girl.  He seemed nice.  He wanted to have a family.  He asked her to marry him.  The girl wanted a family.  The girl was worried that maybe no one else ever would ask her, so she married him.  But all the time, she was thinking about the boy.  The boy came to her wedding. 

The girl and the man moved away, and had children, and bought a little house.  The girl kept trying to tell herself she was happy.  The man didn’t beat her, he wasn’t rude to her.  But the man didn’t work very often, and didn’t really notice the girl.  He didn’t help the girl.  He didn’t talk to the girl, or hug her.  The girl worked and worked and worked.  The more she worked, the more she resented the man.  She had to leave her babies with other people while she worked, and she missed them.  She missed some big milestones in their lives, and she started to resent the man.

The girl became more and more unhappy with the man.  Eventually, the girl told the man to go away.  The man was angry, and bitter.  But he went away.  There was still a lot of work, but the girl was happy working for her children, and they were happier than they were with the man.

The girl was lonely for a while.  She stopped eating.  She didn’t sleep very much. 

Then one day, the girl was invited to a reunion at her old school.  She wondered if the boy would be there.

The boy was there.  He was so happy to see her, and she fell in love with him all over again.  For several years, they were blissfully happy.  He was the great love of her life.  They felt so lucky, because they found what so many other people were looking for.  They thought their love was special, and precious. 

And then, for some fucking reason, it all fell to shit.


What? What?

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