I Owe You A Buck


It’s been a crazy up ‘n down week.  I am so thankful for my friends.  Shout outs this week to Mary Lynn, Leesa and Mark.  Y’all are the best.  Mark, the note really did say “I owe you a buck”, not “I love you a bunch”, but both are true!  That’s why I type everything, because my handwriting is so bad I can’t even read it myself sometimes.  High five, man.  Mary Lynn and Leesa, you are the most patient of listeners and the most thoughtful of advisors and I’m so lucky to have all of you in my life.

We had no power for a couple of hours this evening.  There was a bodacious storm, (bodacious is my word of the week – apparently it’s not a real word, but an amalgam of “bold” and “audacious”, so it should be) tore up a big tree out by the parking lot, which was uncomfortably close to killin’ the little red car!  I moved over to visitor parking for the night, just in case the wind comes up again.  I’m seeing some pictures posted by Muskoka friends, apparently they had some terrible damage out that way.  Hope everyone’s okay!

Tomorrow is first appearance day, so I’m up at Lindsay court, then over to Linda and Patti’s for a beverage.  Next weekend – dart tournament.  I’ll be staying over at Ms. Purdue’s that night, so we can hoist a pint or two.  Or possibly more, knowing Sharon and I…miss you, woman.  I’ve got nowhere to hide!  Fortunately, I have no one to hide FROM, so it’s all good.

Good hard laughs at Needles in the Hay last night.  Tuesday night knitting always make me happy.  Used the gift certificate from Selma to get some more blues for my log cabin blanket – I was running quite short on blues.  I spent an evening with her and her little daughter Chloe spinning up Chloe’s bunny fur into yarn – it was great fun, and no gift was needed, but it was very much appreciated.  Just tie me up in yarn and lay me down in fleece and stick a dp in me when I’m done. ❤

This blog has had almost 3000 hits since I started it in January. I’m gobsmacked and humbled and thrilled that so many humans have read my silly words.


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