Rawr, Thar Be Monsters Here


I’m having a cocoon weekend.  I put my pyjamas on after work Friday night and haven’t been out of them since.  I’ve done a lot of knitting, a little weeding, and very little else.  It’s safe in here, don’t burst my bubble.  I was thinking about getting up and going to the gym, or going over and checking out the Unitarians, but I’m just kind of sad and lonely and I think I’ll stay home and be a hermit again today.  It’s rainy and grey out anyway. 

Plus, my car is parked way the heck up in Idaho in the visitor parking area, because someone had a moving truck blocking my spot last night when I went to pick up Elliot, and I don’t want to walk all the way up there in the rain to get it.

I think I’ll wash the sheets, do the dishes, and maybe – maybe – go out and get some groceries and go to the bookstore.  That’s all I think I can handle today.  The world is too big and too mean for me.


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