Post Rapture Fin Du Monde Tour


What a time I’ve had. The Post-Rapture Fin Du Monde Tour is now complete.

I started out Tuesday with a trip to Toronto to see Thing One.  We drove his former roommate somewhere with some heavy shit she had to carry so she didn’t have to take it on the TTC, cuz I’m nice like that, then we went looking for a good deli, but couldn’t find one.  I wanted to take him to Annapurna, but there was NO parking anywhere, so we wound up at a little place on Dupont called Franny Chadwick’s and had a super lunch.  Then we went back to his place for fibre fun and chitchats and a beer. 

Wednesday, I met the lovely Colleen Gray for lunch at Tortilla Flats, then we went to Romni where I talked her into some very pretty yarn for a summer cardigan.  That was when I got the $30 parking ticket.  Curse you, Rob Ford.  That is TOO MUCH MONIES.  Just sayin’.  I drove her back to her new place, but the traffic was crazy and no parking, so I dropped her off and it took me an hour and a half to drive back to Etobicoke.  That’s when my traffic anxiety started.  That evening, I went over the Frieda’s place for a drinky-poo, and caught up with her and her man Lloyd.  It was pouring rain and thundering, so I wimped out.  I’m too old to drink later than 10 anyway.

I was a little hurtin’ the next day, but I hauled my carcass out of bed and met Rebecca for lunch at a lovely little place called Lady Marmalade – there was quite a wait, but mmm mmmm worth every minute – cheddar and spinach waffles in a tomato cream sauce with avocados and bacon on the side.  Then we went to her LYS, the Purple Purl.  Never been there before, it’s a super place.  We spent the afternoon knitting and chatting and coveting yarn.  Then the clerk and I realized that the reason we seemed familiar to each other was that we used to live two doors down from each other on Bolivar Street ten or twelve years ago.  Small world!

After that, it was off the Mary Lynn’s for dinner with her, her husband Jamie, and their delightful, inquisitive son “Charlie” (names changed to protect the innocent).  We finally caught up IRL, OMG.  It was awesome to reconnect with her, and we’ll be doing that again soon ( I hope).  Jamie made a bang-up dinner, complete with a nice big pot ‘o tea to finish it off.

Then, I got lost on the way home, and ended up driving around some seriously sketchy neighbourhoods about 10:30 at night.  Creeped me out.

Today, I went out to Picton to see my very dear old friend Greg from university days, and his man Pierre.  It was like we’d spoken just yesterday, a wonderful reconnection with a great friend.  What a beautiful spot they have on the lake!  It’s not THAT far to Picton…Right?

And now, home.  Elliot’s away at Anime North, and it’s quiet and nice.  It’s nice to go away, and I’m specially blessed to have such lovely family and friends old and new to visit, but it’s nice to be home too!  Photos to come tomorrow, I’m too whipped tonight.



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