Subversive Anti-American Stuff


What did I tell you, America?  80 dead in Pakistan.  The Taliban states that they are revenge killings for Bin Laden, and that it is indeed “only the beginning”.

I believe I said that right after they executed him without a trial, didn’t I?  Wouldn’t it have been great to have a trial in a court of law?  Isn’t that the American Way? America, F**k Yeah! Freedom and Justice for all, except for little brown people who talk funny and wear dishcloths on their heads, because they don’t count as people – they don’t espouse American values.

When was the last war fought on American soil?  History buffs?  Anyone?  I’m guessing the Civil War, as far as I know.  I think the American glorification of war has something to do with the fact that it happens far away, overseas, to people who are “not like us”.  Well, guess what?  I think it’s about to get a whole lot more up close and personal than that, and I think as Global Bully’s next-door neighbour, we should  be very afraid of the potential fallout.

I liked it better when no one knew Canada existed.  

On a similar note, I heard on the news yesterday that there was a bus crash in Toronto, two TTC vehicles hit head-on at a station.  The CBC announcer stated that “14 people and one toddler were taken to hospital”.  Because although women have had status as persons for some time in this country, apparently toddlers have not.  I know they’re a handful, but come on.  Good thing it happened here and not in the States, though, because I don’t know who they classify as people.

Also in the news:  the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie comes out next week, and Geoffrey Rush is in it.  There’s something worth living for.  All that and Captain Jack Sparrow too.  He could set America straight.  Is there anything Johnny Depp can’t do?  Yes, indeedy and shiver me timbers, matey.  Yum.

I just got a bag of half red, half purple merino and some natural tussah silk at Romni yesterday.  I have plans for the red involving gold sari silk fibres and glitzy angelina, representative of the feared Other, and for the purple to be blended up with the silk into a pale soft dream of peace.  By spinning, I shall overcome all my anxiety about potential global warfare.

 Peace out, fellow Canucks!


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  1. Yes, we in the States are fearing we are, umm, fucked 😉 Yeah, it ain’t lookin’ pretty and at the moment I am equally frightened of both of our up and coming presidential candidates for 2012. (help)

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