I Heard Horton Hear a Who


Went to PCVS to see Seussical the Musical last night.  I was GOBSMACKED.  What an incredible show. I’ve been to school shows before, and some of them have been quite painful.  Seussical was great.  It was the musical theatre class’s production.  Great singing, great acting, great band, great costumes and sets.  Not a weak link in the whole thing.  It really was a very professional show. I will post some pictures here later, although they are up on facebook now.

Actually, try this:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150178129781892.308340.680396891&l=f4c924c683

My favourite was Horton, though.  Seeing as I’m his mom, and all. He made me cry.  Little  bugger.

I also liked someone’s idea of renting seat cushions.  PCVS is the oldest highschool in Peterborough, and the auditorium seats are hard and narrow and notoriously uncomfortable.  No one’s falling asleep in these chairs.  My butt just barely fits, I don’t know what bigger people do. 

Made me a bit nostalgic for the musicals we used to do at the church, although ours were never that good.

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