Zen and Merino


I was feeling a little down tonight, and a friend suggested I do some spinning, because it always makes me feel better.

So, I carded up some rather badly carded Merino I got at the Woodstock Fleece Festival last summer, on my new drum carder – DID I MENTION I GOT A DRUM CARDER?!? – why yes, Lynne, I think you did, about five hundred times. Sorry, but I wanted one for years and years, and I’m just so darn thrilled with it.  It came out beautifully and spun up jes’ like BUTTAH.  It’s a combination of purple, fuschia and green, which sounds kinda disgusting when I say it out loud, actually, but it’s fab.

I love the hypnotic, calming rhythm of spinning.  I love the intuitive feel of keeping a consistent thickness, the softness of the fleece in my hands, the sound of the wheel.  Ultimately, when I hit the zone, there’s a zen-like moment where I’m no longer spinning, but pulling the yarn straight out of the fleece, and I’m not thinking about anything but the act of spinning the yarn.  The brain finally turns off and rests for a few minutes.  I think too much, I over-analyze and replay scenarios over and over, I can’t help it, it’s chronic.  I should meditate more, but I don’t think to sit down and do it very often.  I get the exact same result from a good spin, though, and some beautiful handmade yarn as a bonus.

Gandhi was right.

What? What?

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