Archbishop of Canterbury FTW


So, yeah, believe it or not, I did watch part of the Royal Wedding yesterday, and I watched TLC’s recap special last night. Not so big a fan that I got up in the middle of the night, but I flipped the TV on just after 6 and caught the “I wills”.  I’m not a fan of the monarchy.  I think the days are gone where people should be ruled by other people “just cuz”.  However, I’m a BIG of fan of theatre, spectacle and romance, and it did not disappoint.

Here’s a few thoughts.  ‘E ‘asn’t much ‘air, ‘as ‘e?  Perhaps there are camera angle which the Royal Person should forbid.  Somebody should tell him about this.  Seriously, hasn’t he got people for that?

And what was Princess Beatrice thinking?  That was the Weirdest Hat Ever, in a vast SEA of weird hats.  Clinton Kelly’s comment was “I want to toss balls through it.  Do you have Skeeball in England?”  On the money.  He amuses me.

The Queen, who always looks to me like she is wearing the exact same dress, just in a different colour, does not sing during God Save the Queen.  Which kind of makes sense.  “God save my gracious ME, long live my noble ME, God sa-ve … MEEEE!”  Sick to death of that one, I’m sure.  I did like her colour choice.  She’s a pretty grim old gal, though.  I wouldn’t want to piss her off.

The kids were adorable, particularly the tiny grouchy munchkin and the goofy guy. 

Also, the bride looked perfect, in my book.  Unlike Diana’s giant poofy duvet of a dress, hers was simple and fit beautifully and could have been worn in any decade.  Classic.  She’s a real beauty, and I like that twisty little lopsided smile, she’s adorable. 

So, now I really want to knit the little Royal Wedding people.  They’ll need to adjust some things, though, like Will’s red jacket, and the colour of the Queen’s ensemble.  The Archbishop of Canterbury was right on the money, though.  They probably weren’t taking odds on what he was going to wear.  And speaking of odds, good for Prince Phillip for staying awake through the whole ceremony!  Cheers, old man!


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