More About Fuzzy Stuff


My drum carder came last week, and yesterday I had a good chance to get it set up and adjusted properly.  What a babe!  Like so many fibre tools, it’s beautiful in its simplicity.  Two rollers, covered with tiny teeth, turned by a handle.  That’s it.  In my experience, the fewer parts something has and the fewer functions it is supposed to perform, the better it works and the longer it lasts. This baby is simple, but the result – priceless.  Soft, untangled and wonderfully spinnable.

I also like the wastelessness of it (is that a word?).  I went throught my scrap bag and sorted little odds and sods by colour, and then just dived right in.   A little of this, a little of that for contrast, some of that for softness, some of that for glitz.  Use EVERYTHING – and voila!  Beautifully blended, heathery batts.  So magical!  I did one in pinks and greys, one exclusively in shades of grey, one blues and greens, and one in dark reds, gold and copper.  They’re all gorgeous. 

I’ve been trying to put some pictures here, but they don’t want to load.  There’s some on my Facebook, if you want to look. 

Okay, so it cost – a lot. Basically, it was most of my income tax return.  But I’ve wanted one for years.  It was handmade, shipped from Georgia, and the guy in the shop I’ve been dealing with is named Bubba.  No guff.  Seriously.  If that ain’t authentic, I don’t know what is.  It is heavy and solid and gorgeous.

Just like me!  šŸ˜‰


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