Ooooo a Political Rant!


Well, by golly, yer ol’ buddy Lynne hasn’t been this riled up about an election in some time, let me tell you.

I’m scared.  It feels like the End of Days.  There’s too many frightening tragedies happening all over the world.  There’s too many natural disasters, too many scary dictators, and too many people dying.  I want to be safe at home.  Safe.  At.  Home.  In CANADA, for pete’s sake. In quiet, polite, democratic CANADA.  My Canada isn’t run by a megalomaniac.  My Canada is a true, honest, democracy.  My Canada cares about the good of the planet, the good of its people, and the good of its neighbours.  My Canada is a good global citizen.  And the Government of Canada (that’s what it’s called, Stevie), elected by the people of Canada, has the task of carrying out the wishes of the people for the greatest good of the country.

Politics should be a noble calling. Politicians are the servants of the people, at least in a democratic society.   Here’s what I just don’t understand:

I know NO ONE personally who votes Conservative, to the best of my knowledge.  And yet I see Mr. Del Mastro’s big blue signs, all over town. SOMEone voted for him, and SOMEone plans to do so again.  I didn’t buy my car from him, and I’m sure as hell not going to vote for someone who wants to put a conference centre on Little Lake and tear down the CBC.

WHY are people voting for him?  And WHO is voting for him?  There are a lot of seniors in this community, and maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that they traditionally tend to vote PC. Because their parents did. And their parents did.  I would really like to see two things happen over the next couple of weeks.  One, a giant Liberal blitz through every senior’s residence in town, and two, for the young people to vote.

I saw a poll that suggested that if more youth voted, that the policital picture in Canada would be radically different, with the Liberals at something like 27%, and the PCs at about 18, with the balance split pretty evenly between the NDP and the Green.  I forget where the Bloc stood.  But that is astounding!

All I can see is a man whom I don’t trust, who has shown time and time again that he is self-centred and dishonest, running this country.  He’s not respected internationally (see the summit on climate change) and cares more for appearance than for substance (i.e. the Fake Lake, and his spin-doctored, kitten-holding, cardigan-wearing downhome nonsense).

Come back, Mr.Trudeau, I miss you.

Anyone in Peterborough, particularly younger voters, who wants a ride to the polling station on election day, I’m free any time after 4:15.  I don’t care how you vote.  Just vote.  I’ll drive you there.  Because I think that if more people who really thought about it voted, that there would be a very different outcome.


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  1. As a young person in Peterborough, I agree with you completely. Both politically, and on the staggering state of the age of voters. Trying to get students to vote is like pulling teeth.

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