It’s me.  Sorry, I haven’t been on here lately.  I’ve been super busy and my main computer is fubar.  It’s at the  Biggie D Memorial Hospital right now.  I hope it lives, but I got that new virus, the one that wipes out your anti-virus program. I want to say it’s called Norma Jean, or Ruby Marie, or something.  Anyway, if something pops up and asks you if you want it to scan your system because you appear to have viruses, just say no, thank you.  đŸ˜¦

I went to Toronto last weekend, that’s exciting.  Kensington Market on the sunny Saturday.  It was lovely, the park was full of people soaking up the sun, the buskers were out, and the yarn store was OPEN.  I didn’t buy yarn, as I’m currently under a self-imposed ban, but I did buy a pattern to entice me to finish up some half-done projects so I can buy more yarn.  It’s called “Rogue”, and it’s a hoodie with beautiful cables around the neck and hood, and the sleeves and sides.  They had one made up at Lettuce Knit, and I’m kind of in love with it. Okay, not “kind of”, more like totally.

Also exciting was the fact that we parked on Leonard Avenue, behind the hospital, and I took some pictures at 68 Wales where Frieda and I lived in the 80s.  I had forgotten about the cute little leaded windows.  They were in the kitchen cupboards too.  Very adorable, it was like living with Heidi’s grandfather.  I took some pictures, which I’ll add when the computer is feeling better.  Those were the days, my friend.  At least, the ones that I remember were great.


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  1. I shoulda been hanging out with you in the 80s!Btw, I just looked up 68 Wales on Google street view. But I can't see the house numbers – which one is it – is it right next to the Tortilla place?I lived at 577 Huron – yep, go check it out. I had the nicest room in the place (rooming house) – the one with the criss-cross bay window over the front porch. For a while Brad lived upstairs. His room was horrible. I still remember how crabby he was when he moved in – his one and only window was about a foot away from the brick wall of the house next door. And there was a giant canister of instant mashed potatoes in the closet.

  2. Btw, 577 is the one to the left of the one that's actually pictured as 577 (Google street view never quite hits the target). You can tell which one is right cuz of the cross-cross bay window on the 2nd floor. (Did I mention the criss-cross bay window? You could sit up there and read!)

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