Tidy Time


Today, it’s window washing day on Parkhill Road.  Nothing like a few sunny days to let you know how grubby the windows are.  So, once properly motivated by a cuppa joe, I’m off to the store for supplies.  Thing 2 is cleaning the basement today.  What fun we have here!  Good times indeed.

I was an untidy kid.  I remember being sent to clean up my room and told I could not come out – for any reason – until it was done.  I never thought that was a good thing to do to a kid.  How about a little help, or a little encouragement?  Admittedly, my room was a mess.  I was a kid, for pete’s sake, what do you expect?  But here’s a tip, apparently my parents forgot my window was only about five feet off the ground…

Now I’m an adult.  An adult who spent a lot of married years living with a hoarder with hygiene issues.  He too, forgot that my window was only about five feet off the ground.  😉   Disorder really, really bothers me.  I get very anxious and can’t relax in untidy surroundings, particularly my own.  I don’t judge other people when I’m at their homes.  Everyone has different priorities, and different levels of tolerance.   But my own home needs to be tolerably neat and tidy, for my own sanity.

Here’s some of my pet peeves:

– stuff hanging around in plastic grocery bags
– empty boxes lying around
– wastebaskets
– laundry that’s not put away
– dirty dishes left overnight
– weird smells

On the other hand, my car is a mess.  It looks like the Swiss Family Hobo lives in my car.  It’s full of fast food wrappers, empty antifreeze containers and junk mail, and it hasn’t been vacuumed since God was a little girl.  The windows are smeary and it smells like goat cheese pizza.  You have every right to be appalled by the state of my car, and to wonder “OMG, if her car is this bad, I wonder what her HOUSE looks like?”

My house looks quite nice, thank you.


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