Wasted on the Young


I pulled out an old picture from theatre school days, to show someone my favourite dress of all time.  It was my “lucky” dress.  I got lucky in that dress lottttsssss of times.  The 80s were pretty good to me.  That’s an awful lot of hairspray, though.  No open flames.  No sudden movements…

Wow.  We never think we’re pretty when we’re young – all we see is the flaws.  I WAS pretty – why didn’t I know it at the time?  I just wanted to look like everyone else, like the little fluffy pretty girls.  I didn’t appreciate what I had.  I had absolutely ZERO self-confidence in my teens and twenties, towering over everyone.  I always felt so…obvious and awkward.  Maybe that’s typical of most people.  I think that it is.  I have so much more now that I don’t care so desperately about what people think of me.  I wish I knew then what I know now!  Here’s some little gems of wisdom from over the years:

1.  You’re not that fat.  No one is as fat as society (read:  MEN – sorry guys, but it’s true) has led you to believe you are.  You are not Jerry Springer-cutoutthewalls-jawsoflife fat.  You’re just not.
2.  People are not looking at you.  Or if they are, they’re not always looking at you negatively.  Get over it!
3.  People really just don’t spend that much time thinking about you at all, most of them are busy thinking about themselves, just like you are.
4.  Get over it.  You are not the Homeliest Woman Alive.  You will not be Alone Forever. 
5.  The boys who said mean things from grade 6 to 8 don’t remember saying those things, so why should you remember hearing them?
6.  You can, in fact, date men who are shorter than you.  If you only go out with men who are taller than you, you miss out on an awful lot of nice people.  A lot of men are funny about this, it makes them feel insecure.  That’s their problem, not yours.  Everyone’s the same height in bed.

It’s so awful being young, sometimes.  We’re afraid of aging, but really, it’s so much more comfortable to be yourself and admit that you just – sometimes – like – Barry Manilow.  And it’s OKAY.


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