I See…


I’m completely digging my new glasses.  If you’ve ever wondered about getting your glasses from clearlycontacts.ca, wonder no more, my friend.  I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with everything except for the fact that they took a week and a half longer to deliver than they first estimated.  $300 frames for $58.  I got the frames, lenses, taxes, shipping and everything for – wait for it – $71.14.  And they have all kinds of frames, not just a couple, and not just safe and boring frames, my friends.  All kinds of totally wack stuff, designer stuff, high-end fashion stuff – totally on the cheap.  And you can upload a photo of yourself and superimpose them on your face, so you can see what they look like on you.

I love glasses, love, love, love them.  I’d like to have a whole wardrobe of different glasses, and if it were remotely practical, I would. 

Some famous people who totally rock eyeglasses and/or sunglasses:

Sally Jesse Raphael (Big. Red. Frames.)
John Lennon/Janis Joplin
JFK bodyguards
Elton John
Buddy Holly
Dame Edna
Leonard on the Big Bang Theory
Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys
Martin Luther King
John-Boy Walton
Ugly Betty
Audrey Hepburn (what’s sexier than Audrey Hepburn peeking over the top of a pair of big ol’ glam sunglasses?)
The Blues Brothers (who brought Ray Ban back?)
Stevie Wonder
Groucho Marx (with nose and mustache attached)
Drew Carey (who apparently had laser eye surgery and now just wears them cuz they’re FUN)
Jonny-freakin’-DEPP, people.  Honestly.

And pretty much everyone in my family, none of whom, for some reason, seem to take quite as much joy as I do in wearing glasses. 

For one thing, it’s a necessity for me.  I can’t read a thing without them.  I finally got prescription glasses several years ago, when I asked Thing One to read me the small print on a bottle of medication, and he said (jokingly) – “take the whole bottle, mummy”.  I don’t need the bifocals yet, though, so that’s good.  Old age hasn’t bitten me in the ass yet, but it’s right on my tail.  I think if it wasn’t a necessity, though, I’d have to become a hipster doofus and wear empty frames, posing ironically.  I love glasses THAT MUCH.

I love sunglasses, too, great, big bumble-bee ones.  Anything with rhinestones is a bonus.  

Plus, I’ve thought about wearing contacts, but that wouldn’t work because a) I only need them for reading and b) I can’t poke myself in the eye.  I’ve tried.  I flinch every time. 

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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with my glasses. One pair lifts off my nose when I put on my bicycle helmet, so if I forget the other pair, I feel very goofy. Plus I don't like them in the rain. But I love hiding behind them, I love the slight aggressiveness of my dark purple and orange framed ones, and I adore my sunglasses cuz it's really the only time I look cool.

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