The Luckiest Goil in the Woild


I just finished a letter to Peter, my little PLAN Canada buddy in the Philippines.  Awkward!  What do I have in common with a 10 year old boy in a tropical country?  Well, we’re both human, so I started with that.  Also, My Family, Pets, Hobbies and The Weather Here is Cold and Snowy. 

I just got Peter as a foster connection recently.  They were canvassing, and I was looking for something useful to do with my quit-smoking money.  So, now, if I start again, it’s money out of a poverty-stricken child’s pocket.  There’s an incentive!  Apparently it is more difficult to find sponsors for boys than it is for girls, so I thought I’d choose a boy, also in honour of my own boys.  It was between him and a cute little guy from Burkina Faso – Peter won, because I can pronounce and spell “Peter”.  Lazy on my part, but true.

I used to sponsor a child years ago, in India, but they left the community where the PLAN program was, because the father got a job.  That’s a happy ending –  they really didn’t need me any more.

Holy cow, terrible things are happening in the world lately, political unrest in Egypt and Libya, earthquakes and tsunamis in New Zealand and Japan.  They’re still clearing up New Orleans and Haiti.  Not to mention Charlie Sheen!  We are so fortunate to have been born in Canada.  My little lower-middle-class divorced woman gig, on the global scale, is lavish and glorious.  I am blessed.

We need to spread a big butter knife over the whole planet, and even things out a bit, I think.


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