I’m Never Getting Out of Bed Again


It’s been a quiet weekend here in Lake Woebegon.  Went out to dinner with Don and Leesa and Leesa’s sister Karen at Teddy’s in Oshawa.  Happy Anniversary to Don and Leesa, 18 years of married bliss (okay, maybe not ALL bliss, but they make it work okay, which is more than I was able to do!).  I spent a solid week anticipating coconut cream pie.  They have the most wonderful coconut cream pie, creamy, gorgeous and thick as a brick.  As we were perusing our menus, I heard one waitress say to another “we’re out of coconut cream”.  Without thinking, I yelled “WHAT?”  Confirmed.  No pie.  Apparently you have to get there early on a Saturday to get pie.

Although we had a lovely dinner, the Shadow of Pielessness has been hanging over me ever since.  The tastiest piece of pie is the one you didn’t get to eat.  God bless her little heart, Leesa says she’s going to make me one for tea time on Wednesday night.  Is there any cholesterol in pie?  Didn’t think so…

 Dave loaned me his laptop after my surgery.  It was my lifeline to the outside world for several weeks, and kept me from utter loneliness, boredom and despair.  I started this blog on that laptop!  I often blog on the laptop now, sitting up all cozy in bed with my trusty editor Muffy at my side.

All along, though, I knew I’d have to give it back (seeing as it doesn’t belong to me).  I got to keep it a few extra weeks while Dave was out of the country, but this was the weekend it was to go home.


Dave gave me a beautiful little notebook computer.   He set it all up for me, got me connected to the wireless and now I’m never getting out of bed again.


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  1. A Very Sad Update!We have had to cancel teatime tonight (Wednesday) due to crappy weather conditions and bad roads. So, STILL NO PIE. I HAVE A VERY BIG PIE-SAD.

  2. RON TOUFAR'S PIE POEM"So I have a friendWho makes good pies,Who makes pies well….They are yummery.Make me feel summery!I could eat them every day.If she could make as many as that.I would become a large ball of fat.Then I would dieFrom eating too much pie.And then I would be like, in heavenWhere you get what you want times eleven.So then I could eat pies every day.Eat all day from seven to seven.And never grow fat,Cause heaven's like that.Death by pie is a way to goMany are worse.Pies will have to remain a treatEven that is pretty neat.One pie a week?That's all I seek."Ron should have met Leesa. He would have liked her.

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