And Who Might You Be?


I was listening to Definitely Not the Opera on the radio on my way home from beautiful downtown Lindsay today, and their topic was the phenomenon of a word being on the tip of the tongue.  This happens to me more frequently than to most people, I think.  Something in my brain just doesn’t connect.  I think sometimes I have knob and tube up there.

Once we were going out to a family dinner, and my sister-in-law called and asked me if I would bring my folding chairs.  Happy to oblige, I sent Thing One down to the basement to get them.  That is, I tried to send him down, but I couldn’t remember the word for those four-legged things we sit on.  The word “chair”, for some reason, just wasn’t in my head any more.

Now, I can understand not remembering words like “dirigible” or “contemptuous”, but CHAIR?  Pretty basic.  It’s a handy, everyday word.  Even the Amish make chairs.  They’re kind of a staple.

Names are even worse, especially actors.  Faces, I can recognize.  Names, not at all.

All of this disappearing information invariably comes to me at one of two times.  In the middle of the night, I might scream “Russell Johnson played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island!”.  That’s probably why I sleep alone most of the time…

Or on the can.  Often the only thing that will release those tricky tip o’ the tongues is a seat on the throne.

And it’s only getting worse with age.  I worry that one day I will develop dementia of some kind, and forget even the people I know and love, and that faces, as well as names, will start to disappear from memory.  I hope those people will remind me, in a way that restores that connection.  Even so, we don’t know people when we’re first born, and we are loved just the same, so hopefully that will continue up until death.


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  1. I forget simple words too. Especially the simple ones! Like for example, last night, I was asking Carter a question… and… I forget what I forgot. But I remember I forgot, which is something.

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