Today, Which Was A Great Day


Why was it great?

Well, I finally got my last dressing off, and I don’t have to go back to the VON anymore, which is great. I have one fantabulous mofo of a scar, though.  Looks like I was shot, or stabbed, or maybe both!  I had a fascinating discussion with an old dude in the clinic waiting room.  He’s all about the prostate health, man.  Spread the good word.  I assured him I would, although I am lacking a prostate.  He was also having a good day, apparently, as he was having a catheter removed.  Let the good times ROLL, baby!

Then, Thing Two and I sped off to Toronto in my Little Red Car.  Purpose?  My much anticipated visit with Thing One, who moved at the end of February.  I missed that boy sooooo much.  His new place is nice, his landlord is nice, the downstairs neighbours are nice, the little back street is nice, the neighbourhood is nice.  It’s all – NICE.  And clean.  And safe.  Kid-tested, mother-approved.  So we all went out for Greek food and stuffed ourselves silly.  Well, Thing One couldn’t eat all his, so he got some of it to go, but he gave it to a street person on the way home.  I love that kid.  He’s got a beautiful little heart in him, sometimes.

Pictures of the day are on Facebook, but some of you aren’t on Facebook (AHEM this means you, CEG), so here they are for your viewin’ pleasure.

When we got home, I finished my latest knitting project – Rebecca Danger’s Chubby Chirps x 3 = Three Little Birds.  I put them Above My Doorstep.  They’re singin’ sweet songs, melodies pure and clear, and this is their message to me –


Thanks Brother Bob for maybe my favourite song of all time.

Peace Out!


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