Screw the Oatmeal, Full Speed Ahead


I like my coffee double/double.  I like potato chips.  I loooove cookies.  I can drink gallons of OJ.

I have to stop all of that.

It sucks.

I already quit smoking, it’s not fair!  I’d like my body to be a temple, but realistically, it’s always been more of a Kwicky Mart.

Doctor M and Doctor Dermo think it might be the accutane, but I’m not doing myself any favours with my diet, either.  So, the accutane dosage has been cut in half.  On the upside, they think it’s controllable with diet and exercise, and that if I smarten up, I won’t need medication.  I’m still not in a position physically to get back to the gym yet, but that’s next.  I go see Dr. Z again next week.  Hopefully I’ll be back on track soon.  Dr. M has also prescribed a low dose of estrogen, as she thinks my body has just freaked out and been hit by the menopause truck, which may also be why I’m not sleeping.

So – lentils, chick peas, beans, carrots, apples, seaweed, yams, soy, almonds and tahini.  Chips, white bread, alcohol and white sugar are the enemies.

On the upside, sushi is looking like an awesome treat full of good stuff that I can eat a) with lower carbs (except for the rice – well, maybe sashimi) and b) with seaweed, which is recommended for the menopause symptoms.  Also, the falafel, which is one of my favourite foods ever ever.

Also on the upside, neither doctor insisted that oatmeal was the be-all and end-all answer to everything.  So – screw the oatmeal.  I think I’m going to do this my way.  I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.  The only combination I’ve never been in my whole life is a thin non-smoker.  It may be time…


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