I don’t know how to do my job anymore

I’m back to work, part time.  I went this morning.  I have 215 e-mails to address, and they have revamped the whole eligibility system.  I have what looks like thousands of pages of information to read, and e-learning modules to do.  The 2010 database needs to be forwarded to Provincial Office.  Which would be great, except none of the December entries are done.  While I was off, a co-worker went out on stress leave for two weeks, just from being completely and utterly overwhelmed from the changes and the additional stress of trying to assist with my job as well as doing her own.  I have TD1s to fill out and submit, benefit issues to sort out, problems with vacation carryovers.  They’re repairing the heating system today as well, which is making rather a lot of noise.  I have been given a reprieve from doing video applications for a few days at least, so I can try to make sense of some of this.

Needless to say, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I’ve brought some reading home with me.

My coworkers, however, are simply awesome and happy to see me back!  I’m glad to be back, but I’m totally overwhelmed right now.  I might have to sit and knit a monster for a little while before I think about work any more.

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