Blog Envy


Wow.  Looking at other blogs makes me feel totally inadequate. People are out there, DOING things, creating things.  All these young moms, blogging about their tree-hugging, totally organic, hand-made yoga clogs.  The things they make!  The adorable tots!  And they write beautifully, too.

I am completely and utterly jealous. 

Don’t they work, or anything?  Is this a new generation of non-working moms that I just am not getting?  They get up early so they can experience the dawn. They meditate for three hours a day and make hand-made wooden toys from cruelty-free deadfall wood.  Their homes are quaint and beautiful, zen-like; reclaimed schoolhouses near rustic New England villages.  They eat homemade food every night, and are eco-friendly.  They give birth in bathtubs.  They homeschool their kids, and run small organic farms.  They make their own clothes, their own candles, their own preserves.

How do they do all that?  I live in a rented townhouse in a medium-sized city.  I drink waaaay too much coffee, and work full-time.  I like to knit and spin a bit, but I don’t really have much time for it.  I don’t have small children, and when I did, I was working full-time.  They watched TV and played video games. I eat a lot of convenience foods, I buy whatever’s on sale cheap.

I like the idea of meditating three hours a day, but it’s not going to happen.  I envy the relaxed, life-affirming, gentle lifestyle, but in reality I have high blood pressure and a tendency towards depression and anxiety.  I don’t even own a bike.  It’s like drooling over decorating magazines – they’re beautiful, but it’s not going to happen to me.

I guess that’s why I read their blogs.


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  1. I like those kinda blogs cuz I like looking at pretty pictures. That's all. Pretty pictures make me happy.Plus, honey, anybody who dyes and spins their own yarn is in that category, despite her misconception that she's not one of 'em. Face it, you're just as awesome as them.Evidence: you baked bread.I'm sitting here at my desk drinking wine. A different kind of baked.

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