Rating – M for Mature


I just had a thought.  This blog may not be family-friendly.  I don’t intend for it to be the Blog of Filth, or anything, but sometimes a) I have a dirty mouth and b) I want to talk about things that are not intended for children.  So, be forewarned.  If anyone has children who want to read a middle-aged woman’s menopausal rantings, they might see some fuckin’ shit of which you may not approve.  I’m a grownup and my blog (like my home) isn’t child-proof, so keep an eye on those rascally younguns.

I’ve had a song going through my head today, one of the stupidest songs ever written – “Don’t Sleep in the Subway”.  I don’t know who wrote it, but Petula Clark sang it.  It’s about a woman who worries about her man doing Really Stupid Things.  Like, sleeping in the subway, and standing out in the rain.  My inclination would be to dump the clown, really.  Next thing you know he’ll be french-kissing your dog.

I think it might have been the precursor to television’s notion that men are all just emotionally crippled morons, sneaking behind their woman’s back to indulge in ridiculous behaviour.  Take Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, the dad on any sitcom ever, or any character Charlie Sheen has ever played as examples.  This bothers me.  I know lots of fine, intelligent, caring men.  Would it be okay if women were being portrayed in the media in this way?  I know it sure as hell wouldn’t be okay with me.  Why is it okay to paint men in such a negative light?

I’m not even going to start on my other constant ohrwurm, “Boogie On Reggae Woman”.


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